Wayne and Jacqueline Garrison planted their first 30 acres of tablestock potatoes in 1965 on ground that is still used today. Through the years, with help from the family, the farm has grown to over 1,400 acres of land and most of the potatoes grown are sold as processing potatoes. Wayne and Jackie’s three children all play an important role in the family farm. Andrea, the oldest, lives in Central Maine with her husband, Brent, and sells potatoes to local buyers in the area. Gregg joined the family farm in 1988 after he graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. He bought the land his grandfather (Jackie’s father) had been farming for over forty years and Double G Farms was formed. Gregg married Heidi in 1993 and she became part of the family farm. Heidi grew up as the daughter of a potato farmer and Double G Farms is now farming the land she worked on as a child. Gregg and Heidi have 4 children. Wayne and Jackie’s youngest daughter, Tracey, works in the Double G Farms office year round, and on the farm when needed. Tracey and her husband, Edward, have 2 children. Wayne and Jackie’s six grandchildren work on the farm just like their parents did.

1965 First crop planted
1968 Built first potato storage – 25,000 hundred weight
1970 Started Borderview Trucking Company

1980’s Started fall contract with McCains

1988 Gregg joined family farm and Double G Farms was formed
1996 Built maintenance and office facility

1999 Built first refrigerated storage – 60,00cwt capacity

2004 Built second refrigerated storage – 50,000 cwt capacity

2006 Started contracting with Naturally Potatoes
2008 Started using 6 row cup planter

2009 Started grading our potatoes into storage

201? The next generation joins the farm